Our team is made up of many badass people that have a passion for music! We are growing rapidly in the streaming radio industry and we are looking for a few special teammates ready to FUCK SHIT UP!

We are currently looking for DJs, blog writers, administrative support, and to grow our future YouTube team that will start working on content in June.  If you are new to any of this and want to apply, no experience is necessary! We are a no-bullshit, no-drama team and we are looking for badasses that just want to have fun and can still get shit done in the process!

***PLEASE NOTE AT THIS TIME, THESE ARE ALL VOLUNTEER POSITIONS! We do plan on paying our team members in the future.*


DJ position – If interested, give us a sample playlist and a sample of your work if possible.


Blog Writer – If interested, give us the kind of blog entries you’d like to submit (ie. news, album reviews) and how frequently you’d like to write an entry.


YouTube Personality – If interested, please specify if you have all equiptment needed and what kind of videos you’d be interested in submitting.


Administrative Support – If interested, please specify any experience with social media public relations you may have. This position works closely with Amanda to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.


*If you have no prior experience, please specify below.