Author: Mandy Mayhem


Meet the Band: Fermentation

Fermentation is a father and son grindcore band from Brunswick, Ohio. Their music comes at you fast, hard, and energetic – like grindcore should! Check out their Bandcamp or Facebook page for more information!


Meet the Band: Ancient Sins

Ancient Sins was formed by lead guitarist and vocalist Wes Grissom, who had a dream of reaching the world through music just as his major influences had done. While attempting to establish a full...


Meet the Band: Von Doom

Since forming in 2007, Von Doom has pursued the creation of a fast, dynamic, and inspired spin on Melodic Death Metal. It was when founding members Billy Serocki (Guitars), Eric Fordney (Bass), and Justin...


Meet the Band: Beneath the Hollow

Beneath the Hollow is a 4 piece heavy metal juggernaut hailing from Chicago, Il. Combining a heavy power reminiscent of Pantera, Mastodon and Nothingface with soaring melodies of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. This is a band that strives to create...