Author: JayRott


Meet the Band: Jugular

This Canadian heavy metal band is made up of Jordan Grimbly, Bren Pearce, James Stewart, and Ben Fuchs. On Christmas Day 2018, JUGULAR shocked unexpecting fans when they released their new album AS BIRTH...


The Forge- Friday Night at 9PM EST

If you want to hear the best bone crunching metal you’ll want to tune into Alloy Radio at 9PM EST every Friday night. Hosted by Jay Rott, The Forge is two hours of blast...


The Metal Meltdown Show 4.4.19

It’s that time again! The Metal Meltdown show will be airing tonight at 9PM EST on Alloy Radio! This week’s show will including some Tormenta, Thy Station, and Octtobraa! Shout out to Joseph and...


New to Alloy Radio: Audio Grenade!

Amanda will be hosting a new radio show called Audio Grenade with all of today’s hard rock hits! As of right now, the show is only on Tuesday nights from 9-10 PM EST, but...