Interview with Ray from MX The American

1.How did you guys meet?

We met through friends and a ad in the paper.

2. How did you come up with your band name?

When We first started the band back in 1982 the American was MX . We decided to change it to MX THE AMERICAN around 2018 because of so much trouble with others using just the letters MX. They are binary and everything is broke down in a series of ones and zeros. M is 1000 and X is ten in Roman numerals. All of members are American and part of US are Military Veterans and the name is much easier to find on internet search, so we adapted the name MX THE AMERICAN.

3. How has the pandemic affected the band?

Actually as bad as this pandemic has been We were prepared without even knowing in a way. We had plenty of material recorded and released 2 albums this year. Our self titled album then the TEN THOUSAND ELEPHANT’S album and radio has really taken off…We have been doing a lot of radio interviews and also have a few promotion companies promoting our music.  We have been recording our upcoming release titled APPALACHIA VOODOO FACTORY due out 2021 and been shooting video for our first single release called COMING HOME off the album.

4. What do you hope people take away from your music?

We do our best to write a lot about personal experiences and we try to project a good message.

5. What would you say your greatest accomplishments are with the band?

Our greatest accomplishments are we’ve found a way to keep the music flowing 38 years so far. We’ve released 8 albums and are currently working on our 9th album. We have a comic series named MX THE SUPERHERO SERIES. We have played with lots of great bands over the years, sold a ton of merchandise and have made a lot of Metal fans HAPPY!!!!

6. Where do you see your band in a year?

We see ourselves recording our 10th album and promoting our APPALACHIA VOODOO FACTORY album and playing as many festivals as we can.

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