Interview with HeadTrip Trauma

1. How did you all meet?

Venom-I met Jason (Jdawg) through a mutual friend late 2015 HeadTrip was looking for a vocalist at the time met up with J and we instantly hit it off and been brothers ever since.

Zero-I’ve always had a dream to be apart of a band, I spent a lot of time playing covers but wanted to do my own thing, My fiancé suggested why don’t I just look into joining a band. So the search began I looked online looking for my first band to join little to no luck of finding one I decided to put out an ad on Craigslist and sho nuff Jason (Jdawg) emailed me about HeadTrip Trauma was looking for a new drummer turns out we lived 15 mins away from each other the rest is history.

Sledge-I met Jdawg through school we was homies but never chilled or jammed much, about 10 years later J hmu looking for a solid bassist to fill the spot so I showed up to band practice one day to meet the band I heard and saw the 3 piece at the time HeadTrip Trauma and I knew I needed to step my game up to match their non-stop energy been homies ever since.

2. How did you come up with the name of the band?

Our guitarist Jason (Jdawg) was in his last year of high school at the time wanna say in 2014 and had left Infection at the time went on to start a solo project which eventually became HeadTrip Trauma the band name was created to be something unique something that could represent the life we all live with all the random craziness that goes on throughout the years along with all the bullshit that we all have been or are going through the goal was to make a connection with the fans.

3. How did the COVID pandemic affect the band as a whole and where any gigs cancelled as a result?

It has affected us a lot sadly not just us but our family friends everyone all over the world. We had a bunch of shows we had booked that got canceled due to COVID-19. But as a whole we have still been on the grind with being in the studio working on our new album and are currently working on our very first music video.

4.What do you hope people take from your music and what messages are you trying to share with listeners?

Venom-Honestly for me the lyrics are really personal cause they are a reflection of my reality. What I write in my lyrics are either things that I’ve lived through or friends and family have lived through it all comes from an honest place. I just hope that the people listening take what I say and know that they are not alone whatever your going through whether its heartbreak, or depression suicide whatever your feeling my goal is to help you the fans. Music has always been there for me as an escape and I wanna return the favor.

Zero-Pretty much what Venom said music has always been there for me as an escape and I wanna return the favor and help people through tough times with our music.

Jdawg- Agreed this band is all about honest pure aggression we wanna be the voice for the voiceless. At the end of the day its all about us and the connection with the fans we are here to fuck shit up.

Sledge- For me music is energy and emotion, Everyone has emotional ups and downs we want to illuminate internal battles that not only we face but our fans face individually day to day. Were here to fuze our genre with some heavy high intensity refreshing Nu-Metal for everyone. Bringing back that classic groove and honest music to help people get through the dark times and maybe inspire them to go chase there dreams and say fuck you to those who stand in there way.

5. With your first full length album coming later this year, what would you say the biggest influences with this new milestone are and what are you introducing new that you say you’re proud of?

KoRn, Slipknot, 40 Below Summer and Dry Kill Logic so many bands have influenced us and our sound or goal was to take what we grew up on and mix it with current stuff that also influences us like bands like, Fit For A King, Gideon, Knocked Loose and Carnifex and turn it up to the max of where we could take it were here to make a statement Nu-Metals not dead its alive and well and were here to stay.

6. Where do you see your band in a year?

Still grinding hard hopefully working on album number two, More music videos etc, There’s no telling cause there’s nothing like a HeadTrip party cause the HeadTrip party don’t stop.

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