Interview with The Outliers

How did you all meet?
Answer: Eric and Brandon are brothers. They met when they were very young..between the ages of 8-10. When the band went through a member change in 2013/2014 in which they met Brad through a work friend. After the name change from in 2015 to The Outliers, the original bass player Jake decided it was time him to go around 2016 so, Brandon put out a facebook post and that ‘s how we met Jerad. It’s been the 5 of us for the last 31/2 years.
How did you come up with the name of the band?
Answer: So during the recording process of our first album, the guys decided that our original name “As I Said Before” wasn’t a professional enough name so we literally sat outside of the studio for 2 hours brainstorming a name until we landed on The Outliers.
Tell us a funny story from a concert or a band practice.
Answer: We literally have too many to share. The one that sticks the most was from our first tour The “Millennial Genocide” Tour. Our show in Chicago had gotten cancelled however, the bass player from the band we were on tour with was from Chicago and they managed to set up a house show. The act that went on before us was known as a “Noise Nar” band. It was literally a guy with a guitar and 20 pedals…we can’t even tell you what they were but all it produced was loud feed back, screeching noises while a guy screamed aimlessly at the top of his lungs. Well their performance was so messed up…that it actually had both of us bands discussing if we were going to continue to play the show or not. To start the set, the singer knocks this guy out as soon as the screeching begins. Right away I (Eric) walked back outside..because there was no way I was gonna let someone do that to me without consequences. Not even 30 seconds later this nerdy guy comes running out of the house screaming and behind him comes the singer with the mic cord ripped out of the PA wrapped around his neck chasing this guy. So I’m like “What the hell is actually going on”. So I head back into the house to figure out whats happening…the guitar player is now butt naked on his knees head butting his pedal board. Then here comes the singer…the guitar player rolls on his back and the singer starts beating the shit out of the guitar player. The singer now decides that he wants to be naked too, so he takes his pants off and they both start rubbing their nuts all over everything…all of our equipment, the mics, the couches…literally everything. We were all in so much of a daze…we didn’t know what we just witnessed. The crazy part is…is that after the set, the guys were walking around normal like everything that just happened…never happened. 
Who are your biggest influences?
Answer: To this day As I Lay Dying is still a massive influence on most of us. We absolutely love Wage War, Fit For A King, Emmure, Chelsea Grin and Thy Art Is Murder.
What has been the biggest challenge as a band?
Answer: It’s actually figuring out social media reach. Apparently we are all social media dumb haha. We are constantly writing, we try to tour at least once a year, we put out multiple videos per album. We try for 1 album at least once every year and a half. It is quite literally just finding the right way to reach and get the response that we need through social media, though we are on a very solid hot streak at the moment. 
Where do you see yourself and your band in a year?
Answer: We aren’t going to go off of a limb and be like “We are going to be a signed constantly touring band by next year” though we feel that’s everyone’s goal. We honestly see ourselves still pushing and fighting to get where we need to be, hopefully with album number 5 in the recording stages if it’s not already recorded by then. We are just going to be doing what we love to do and hope that we pick up some more fans along the way.

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