Interview with Karina, Owner of RAGEBREED

1. When did you really get into music and who influenced you?

I would say I was into music at a very young age, at my peak at around 9 or 10 when I really got into the rock and metal genres so to speak. The first album I ever bought was Guns N Roses “Use Your Illusion 1” , first single I ever bought was “I’m Broken” by Pantera and the first EP I ever bought was “Carcass – Heartwork”
The first gothic doom album that truly inspired me was Paradise Lost “Icon” and the first song I ever learn to play on guitar was “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica (the intro and chords). I was say my biggest influence was Tairrie B from Manhole/Tura Satana, Cristina Scabia from Lacuna Coil, Rob Flynn from Machine Head, Max Cavelera from Sepultura, Jeff Walker from Carcass when it came to the rock and metal genres growing up. Certainly you can really hear a collection of different subgenres which inspired me to write for Mindlapse and it’s because I have always had varied taste in music and never really liked restrictions, rules and boundaries. Music is music and art is freedom of expression so I loved a wide number of artists and bands within the rock and metal genre and outside that helped build me as an artist, singer, songwriter and riff writer.

2. Has the genre of music you’ve listened to changed throughout the years?

I would say the music I got into a later stage started to become more underground and that was through gigging for example with Mindlapse because we were seeing some incredible unsigned and underground signed that were so amazingly talented and were doing something heavier or darker than other bands. There are too many bands I have met, toured with the likes Cancer, Insomnium, Cruel Humanity, (Gutworm at the time), quality bands. We got to play with Napalm Death too another amazing band. So a lot of death and grind metal, black metal event some melodic death, thrash for example.

I started to really get into bands that were really brutal like for example Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Immolation, Decapitated, then bands such as Old Man’s Child, A Forest Of Stars, Hecate Enthonred and then really big on my stoner doom so COC, Down, Orange Goblin, Sleep, Electric Wizard and even discovering bands such as Esoteric, Funeral, Worship, Alcest for example. I really love the grunge stuff too, so Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney etc not to mention some great thrash, Death Angel, Kreator, Exodus, Testament. In fact the new Testament album really enjoying at the moment.

It just shows you that you can love more than one genre I guess and I love it all. So I would say I never stopped listening to the earlier stuff but just became more in tune with the underground stuff and what inspired me the most later on to write for Mindlapse and Lake Of Dreams were bands such as Opeth, 40 Watt Sun, Wardruna, Southern Isolation, Lacuna Coil, Antimatter, Trees Of Eternity, Anathema, The Gathering, The Moon & The Night Spirit, Type O Negative as these bands especially influenced me writing for Lake Of Dreams.

3. How and when did you come up with the idea of Ragebreed and the magazine you’re working on?

I started Ragebreed in 1996 and it was with the intention to help bands and promote venues and other promoters and it has grown from an idea just based in Leicester to a global organisation to help bands, businesses, promoters, groups and venues around the world to get the exposure they need. Ragebreed Magazine is the main product that we will be focusing on this year along with our podcasts plus our festival Ragefest at The Sal in Nottingham as it was a natural step to do this after thinking about it in 2019. The contact we are receiving has boomed and it is progressing with lots of affiliates which you can check our on our groups and pages and once our website is updated which is

4. Tell me more about RAGEFEST. Do you expect this year’s event to be bigger than last year’s event?

100% yes as it’s for 3 days in October this year so I will be celebrating my official 40th at this festival so we will be getting people around the world into the underground rock/metal scene visiting including my soul sis Sara from US who is coming down to visit. We have some great bands booked and in the pipeline but as we have had the virus situation, we are just holding off bookings as we don’t know when venues will be allowed to open again. So holding fire until we know more but sure if we are able to go ahead it will be bigger and better than ever. We loved last year and it was full of amazing people that support the UK underground scene and it was magical to see so many people enjoy themselves and I made a lot of new friends there and met a lot of contacts and people.

Dylan Hughes from Hecate Enthroned moved over to Nottingham and runs the Navigation. So we have done some work with him. Hecate Enthoned headlined last year at Ragefest with A Forest Of Stars. We also had King Goat as headliner along with Gurt on the Sunday. However we had some killer bands on there last year. I am very picky with my line ups. Everyone smashed it. 2019 was a great memory and you can see snips of it in our youtube video “Ragebreed – Behind The Scenes” We have a few bands booked already and we will be making the announcements this year once we have confirmation the venue will re-open later this year. This year I expect will be huge just due to the fact we have some incredible bands booked and we have had a lot more exposure as a business and affiliate help.

5. What kind of services do you offer for bands?

Ragebreed Promotions:
So we are a promoter – we are booking for Ragefest, if you want to submit your band go to and follow the process on the submit your band page on there. We also do club promotions where we do something called Band Of The Month where we select a band to be interviewed at the club by video and we play a track of their CD. We have done a number of different shows, tours, fests and club nights since 1996 with various venues. This is on hold due to the virus until we know when venues are re-opening.

Ragebreed Magazine
We are also a magazine so we offer a £50 compilation deal for bands to have 1 track on the CD, a free interview and review. We also do adverts for businesses and bands, if any bands are interested, please contact one of my media sales management team or myself at Our staff also do reviews and features too for the magazine and will be happy to assist you. This magazine is incredible, we have big interviews coming up with bands such as Pentagram, Wino, Firewind, Hecate Enthoned, Bolt Thrower, just to name a few. If you want to purchase I recommend to subscribe and join as a member to and we will send a link to buy to our mailing list.

Ragebreed Radio
On top of this we are launching a professional radio podcast soon. We have some podcast interviews we have up but we are working on getting this tighter and a lot more professional this year. Jimi Mitchell from our team has been writing the intro music for the podcast and it’s sounding badass! This guy is an incredible guitarist. So I am looking forward to getting that into shape and interviewing bands as are the rest of our team. We are also selling advert space for these podcasts too, please get in touch with our staff if you want a 5 minute jingle or voice advert in there or myself at Please note all interviews with bands are free of charge.

Ragebreed TV – YouTube Channel
We have a Ragebreed YouTube channel so we interview bands for free, we are offering to sell advertising video space on the video interviews for companies or bands that want to be included to advertise their brand or product too. Those ad sales with go into paying the podcast interviewers. All interviews with bands are free of charge. I recommend people subscribe to the channel and check out our videos so far. If you want to book an advert on the YouTube video, send your video clip for approval and I will let you know our pricing if you are successful. Please e-mail:

Ragebreed Bookings
We will be opening a bookings agency later this year to put bands on tour. This package will be sent to the venue and promoter, they will have to part pay an invoice to secure the booking and then pay the band at the gig unless we are dealing with B list bands in which case the promoter/venue must pay the band in advance.
So this will be for B, C and D list bands. E list we will be helping build up before they go on a professional tour as they will need experience and training which we do offer.

Ragebreed Online Courses
We will be launching courses later this year for bands and those that require experience in music business such as event management, booking management training, band management training, stage presence and how to display confidence on stage and how to submit your music professionally to companies. Everything, you name it we are going to do it and we are looking at getting the courses accredited also.

Ragebreed Mind, Body & Soul
Helping bands and fans of the music beat addictions, find exercise they enjoy, some kick ass recipes, explore meditation and get in shape. Looking after self and others, bringing balance and getting rid of toxic people from your life. It’s all about the mind, body and soul! We are also going to do some events too which will include motivational speaking, how to create a life you want, how to embrace your authenticity as a rocker and metalhead and go for the life you truly want. We will be doing meditation classes once the virus is over too. You can find this page on Facebook. It will also be in the magazine.

Ragebreed Against Bullying
A service to help bands or fans of the music talk about their experience of bullying, cyber bullying, harassment or character defamation caused by haters or bullies. No names will be mentioned but we want to promote a kinder society that focusses on building each other up instead of breaking people down. Learning how to resolve things the correct way by respectful conversation and resolution. You can agree to disagree on something respectfully and tactfully. So we want to teach and help targets of bad treatment that have undergone this to speak freely about their experiences. You can find this page on Facebook. It will also be in the magazine.

Ragebreed Online Shop
We sell the merch online for Lake Of Dreams, Mindlapse, Ragebreed and Ragefest. We maybe looking at selling other band shirts in the near future too. All affiliates get 20% of Ragebreed merch and they get 50% off advertising too so we make things cheaper for people who support what we do. If anyone wants to buy our merch, go to

Ragebreed Alternative Dating
We are doing speed dating alternative events called Love And Lust and it’s for those that are single and want to find someone that is compatible to what they want and looking for. We are also doing an app which will be ready to use this year too.

6. What is your plan for the Ragebreed Magazine and RAGEFEST in the future?

For the magazine to be successful globally so right now we are recruiting for media sales account managers globally and we are affiliating to make that happen too. We are building all our sites and mailing lists so we should be headed for success once the magazine is out there. The release date is scheduled for 31.05.2020 for now, if there are changes due to the virus, we will keep everyone updated.

Ragefest I would like to continue for it to be underground but we may look at doing the festival in other countries too due to having offers recently. However that will be in a couple of years time as we want to establish the festival in the UK first. I would love to have a Ragefest or Ragebreed stage at an outdoor festival. So if we ever got that opportunity we would take it for sure. However it’s all looking good, we have some incredible people on our team, we are one big family including our affiliates and I love it that way. The future of Ragebreed, Ragebreed Magazine and Ragefest looks very exciting indeed!

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