Interview with Ryan from Burdens Within

Q: How did you all meet?
A. Myself (Ryan Kline) and Mike Riley worked together and were in different bands. Both of those bands came to an end right about the same time. We talked music all the time at work and decided to get together and write some stuff and see how it went. It was a little rocky at first but began taking shape. We gathered up the rest of the band (Ryan Battering) (Danny Rivers)  and (Gary Schick) through many try outs and Trial and Error. The line up we currently have all Bring Something to the table and make Burdens Within what it is.
Q: How did you come up with the name of the band?
A. We tend to write songs about the Burdens People carry in their every day life. Hence the name Burdens Within. There is a lot of negative energy weighing on people’s hearts and souls down in this world. But if you look hard enough there is always a positive to a negative.
Q: Tell us a funny story from one of your tours or at a band practice.
A. The funniest most ridiculous thing I can think of is when we tried out this one singer. He brought a recording of one of our songs that he had put his vocals and lyrics over. Its was so crazy and off the wall I cant even explain it. We pretty much all looked at each other in dismay and told him thanks for coming.
Q: Who are your biggest influences?
A. We have a lot of influences. The music is rooted in the 90s Grunge era but we also infuse Punk Rock, Classic Rock, and Metal into our sound. Ive never liked how everything has to have a label. Its all Rock and Roll We try to write our music with no boundaries.
Q: Have you ever collaborated with any other artists/bands in the past? If so, who?
A. No one famous but would love to. On our Album My brother Did play a violin Track on How would you feel and my dad played a guitar track on How would you feel (Acoustic Version) Which was a very personal experience for me to have my family contribute to the record.
Q: What do you hope people take from your music and what messages are you trying to share with listeners?
A. We hope that people take a way a positive experience and it can help them through dark times in their lives. We want to express the message that there is always a positive way out of a negative situation so never give up. The world can be ugly but can also be very beautiful and no matter what it will always be so much cooler with you in it.
Q: Where do you see yourself and your band in a year? Any big plans?
A. Well 2019 has been huge for us. We have opened shows for bands such as Soil, Tantric, Psychostick ,Stabbing Westward, and David Ellefson (Bassist and Founding Member of Megadeth) We are also lining out opening shows for Michel Graves (vocalist for the Second version of the Misfits) Powerman 5000 , Adema, And Hed p.e.  We also have our first Big Rock Festival in September IN  Virginia called Blue Ridge Rock fest with such bands as God Smack, Hell yeah,The offspring and In this Moment.  We also picked up a sponsorship from Dirt bag Clothing.Hopefully we can keep this momentum and 2020 will bring even bigger things.
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