Interview with Francisco of Slaughter in the Meridian

Q: How did you all meet?
To start Kenny and Ryan meet within a previous project around 2010 as well as performed together with others. Fellow founding member Richard Bedner (having parted ways in 2015) and Kenny had known each other since childhood meeting in 2003 as neighborhood friends. Koda came along meeting Kenny as a co-worker at a restaurant in 2011. Francisco was then introduced through a childhood friend via Facebook to Kenny, who had made a public post seeking a vocalist- an auction proceeded which solidified the line-up.
Q: How did you come up with the name of the band?
Ryan mostly thought of the name brainstorming during a drive with Kenny and Richard (before Koda or Francisco had become involved). The name was voted on between us with our added meaning that a Meridian, though not being specific in our name, is an all-encompassing line across the earth, in essence, there being a “slaughter” everywhere.
Q: Tell us a funny story from one of your tours or at band practice.
In 2015 after Richard left, we went on our first true long trip away from home together. Indianapolis being our destination and an 89′ Ford F-150 affectionately “Bertha” is our transportation. The back with a 3×4 cubic ft area amongst the gear to crouch in accessed through the interior cab window, Koda and Francisco taking turns throughout the trip. Protecting gear from nefarious raindrops, shifting/turning, and occasionally protecting self from said gear; not to forget the fluctuations of seemingly inhumane temperatures. “The Office” being needed as there only being room for three of us upfront.
All seemed well until the strange notifications began just as we arrived in Indiana, going from a tornado to flash flood warnings all around us. The closer we pulled into the city itself the sky quickly turned from a fair clear blue to an aggressive grey disguising everything in its wake. Passing by cars submerged to their windows under stoplights and with vision cut down to a hopeful guess, we continued on.
As our luck continued as well, it was also Ryan’s parents first time attending an “STM” performance, and his string broke on the first strum, of the first song- directly after hyping up a crowded show.
Old Revel Mind, came to the save quicker than Francisco could plea to the audience for anyone with a guitar in drop C- at the time. Ryan’s guitar being a Floyd Rose (impossible to restring hastily). He then strapped on the unknown guitar, leaving his strap to hang around his neck at whim, performing the entire show with it.
The luck finally ran it’s of course in finding the battery dead on Bertha when taking out gear. Leaving us to spend the night at Ryan’s parent’s house and humbly wake up to a buffet of eggs and pancakes after getting some much-needed rest.
In sum, we find humor in it because we made it and look back with shared smiles. You can find a lot of our ventures and behind the scenes, style takes referred to as “SlaughterLife” episodes on our YouTube channel.
Q: Who are your biggest influences?
There’s a mutual love for metal in itself, though the spectrum extends to many genres. For each of us, it’s been more about the feel and meaning that’s gained by each artist or song. There’s no one true source and it tends to vary by mood or just what caught one of our attention that day. So really our influence is one of the biggest things that drew us together and still inspires each other; love for the art of expression.
Q: Have you ever collaborated with any other artists/bands in the past? If so, who?
At this time it hasn’t happened, yet. We are open to the idea though no specific band is actively being sought. Our focus has been between writing, recording, and performing without much time for outside projects right now.
Q: What do you hope people take from your music and what messages are you trying to share with listeners?
First and foremost, we seek to be ourselves. Our message is essentially trying to find that and connect with like-minded individuals. Expressing the inner and outer turmoil of life, but with a vision of perseverance.
Going and living by the motto “SlaughterLife” meaning to own your life, never surrender the choices you do have, and never give up on yourself.
Q: Where do you see yourself and your band in a year? Any big plans?
Keep doing what we’re doing and built onto it any way we can. Passion and determination is in no shortage here. Perhaps anyone that reads this that hasn’t seen us could soon, we’ll look forward to meeting some more “lifers”.

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