Meet the Band: Ritual Burning

Ritual Burning’s music has an intense, eerie, and sinister sound that is influenced by the dark side of reality, sci-fi /horror films, and the erosion of social structure. Their music is a grim reflection of the world and the art that depicts it. In the style of short horror story flicks, Ritual Burning’s albums are based on five tales of both fact and fiction and are accompanied by provocative visuals. Ritual Burning’s combination of intense sinister metal music and provocative videos is very intriguing and borderline demented.

Ritual Burning is James Ferro and Greg Giomi. We are two dudes from a radioactive patch of dirt called West Chicago, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. We were born during the birth of Heavy Metal and grew up during its evolution to Thrash and Death Metal. Our musical horizons have broadened over the years, but Metal music is so deeply ingrained into us, it is what just comes out naturally as musicians.

Experience the eerie and sinister sound of Ritual Burning at:

Check out their new video:

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