Meet the Band: Jugular

This Canadian heavy metal band is made up of Jordan Grimbly, Bren Pearce, James Stewart, and Ben Fuchs.

On Christmas Day 2018, JUGULAR shocked unexpecting fans when they released their new album AS BIRTH BECOMES LIFE BECOMES DEATH. Recorded in various sessions between September 2017 & November 2018, the new album showcases the group pushing their songwriting & musical abilities while re-igniting the fire they had years ago.

Formed in 2006, JUGULAR was active until 2011 when they went on hiatus.

Releasing multiple demos between 2006 & 2009, it wouldn’t be until 2010 when they were featured on an episode of MASTER TRACKS with MOE BERG & LAURENCE CURRIE that they would have a fully mixed & mastered song recorded. Released later that year, HEAVY METAL LAW would go on to win BEST SONG in the METAL category at the BARRIE NEW MUSIC AWARDS.

In 2011, JUGULAR went on a hiatus.

Work began at the beginning of 2017 on what would make up the songs for the new album. Drums were recorded in September 2018 at YOUR PRODUCTIONS recording studio in Barrie, Canada while the lead vocals were recorded between April and November 2018 at SESSIONS ON THE RIVER recording studios in Fort Erie, Canada. All guitar & bass tracks were recorded at each respective band member’s home. The album was edited, mixed & mastered at ANTHROPOCIDE STUDIO in Minsk, Belarus.

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