Category: Meet the Band!


Meet the Band: Ceres

Ceres is a heavy metal band from Missoula, Montana featuring hard-hitting riffs, driving rhythms and engaging lyrics conveyed through a mix of traditional and aggressively harsh vocals. Live shows are an intense blend of...


Meet the Band: Fermentation

Fermentation is a father and son grindcore band from Brunswick, Ohio. Their music comes at you fast, hard, and energetic – like grindcore should! Check out their Bandcamp or Facebook page for more information!


Meet the Band: Ancient Sins

Ancient Sins was formed by lead guitarist and vocalist Wes Grissom, who had a dream of reaching the world through music just as his major influences had done. While attempting to establish a full...


Meet the Band: Von Doom

Since forming in 2007, Von Doom has pursued the creation of a fast, dynamic, and inspired spin on Melodic Death Metal. It was when founding members Billy Serocki (Guitars), Eric Fordney (Bass), and Justin...


Meet the Band: Beneath the Hollow

Beneath the Hollow is a 4 piece heavy metal juggernaut hailing from Chicago, Il. Combining a heavy power reminiscent of Pantera, Mastodon and Nothingface with soaring melodies of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. This is a band that strives to create...


Meet the Band: Covina

Covina is a five-piece hardcore band with a wide variety of influences, each showing a presence in their work. Covina has a fist in face and foot to the chest method of delivering heavy...


Meet the Band: Jason Aaron Wood

With the release of his 6th self-produced solo album, Emanations, guitarist & composer Jason Aaron Wood (Todesbonden, Ol Sonuf) has proven himself to be an incredibly versatile artist with an undeniable talent & lasting appeal. Based in Washington, DC, this...


Meet the Band: Jugular

This Canadian heavy metal band is made up of Jordan Grimbly, Bren Pearce, James Stewart, and Ben Fuchs. On Christmas Day 2018, JUGULAR shocked unexpecting fans when they released their new album AS BIRTH...


Meet the Band: Jackpipe

These guys put a little humor in their music — and I love it! The band is made up of Larry Forman, Rich Streng, Chris Califano, and Dominic Emanuele. Based out of New York,...